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I am not a foodie, and it is no big deal!

Off late, I finished a book, Death by Sadhguru, in which he describes the love affair between food and the human body. You ingest morsels of food, and it slowly becomes a part of your existence. How can then someone choose to eat crap and oils regularly and allow that to dissolve in their body?

"Your body is your temple, Devieka," says one of my close friends quite often. Lately, I have begun to understand the importance of it on spiritual terms. Your food really makes up who you are.

In this Instagram culture of glorifying how social you are, people tend to forget the harm they are self-inflicting upon themselves through food - junk, oils, sugar, and the likes. Some people do question my sanity, especially after they realize that I pursued a degree in food! Most of the time, I tend to blame my excess exposure to food during my years of pursuing my degree as the reason I don't 'love' food.

Some years back, I was in a project mode wherein my life was about setting up challenges for myself and seeing if I could smash them.

Losing weight - Check

Setting up my first passive income stream - Check

Nurturing my creative writing side - Check

One of them was going without sugar and junk food for 100 days. Even though it did seem like a daunting task, it was a massive hit. I did it with just one goal - of testing my will power. On its completion, I naturally let go of my need for sugar and realized how better my body felt without it. It has been about 5 years now, and my coffee, which my friends term 'death' still remains sugarless. Another stout realization was how we are being fed by capitalism to adore this edible indulge at the cost of our health. This realization still stands today.

It was in 2020 that I decided to formalize my fasts, which also made sense for the ZERO app had released its Android version. Since then, except for some off days, I have managed to log in my fasts successfully. My current status stands at 25+ continuous fasts and counting. I am hoping I continue it for long.

I don't mean to scare some of you reading this, but my favorite type of fast is 20:4 wherein I don't eat anything for 20 hours but rather in those 4 hours. But lately, I have shifted to 16:8 wherein I can exercise more flexibility, especially in lockdown times.

There's one type of fasting, which even Twitter CEO also endorses, is called OMAD - One Meal A Day! This type has been my lifeline during my pre-lockdown office going days. I will cover another post about the health benefits of IF and why more and more people are picking it up.

If there is one thing that IF has helped me, it saves a lot of time - LOT. Plus, if I get to skip some meals resulting in significant health changes, then why not? Do you think you could pick this habbit up?


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